Training is offered in the area of mediation, conflict resolution, and anger management to community members and agencies. Funded by a variety of grants and contributions, Mid South Mediation Services makes services available in seven counties in Middle Tennessee. The program also serves the Department of Children's Services by working with unruly kids and their parents through our newest program called the Effective Parenting Course.

Mediator Training in the 21st and 22nd Judicial Districts is offered by apprenticeship. Contact Mary Ellen Bowen, Director of Training, for more information.

Mid South Mediation Services offers classes to anyone in the community. By attending these classes, you may be able to find constructive, effective ways of dealing with negative behavior, people or situations. Funding Mid South comes in part from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Mid South provides the required Parenting Education class for divorcing or separating parents. Call the office for a schedule.


Mary Ellen Bowen, Director/Trainer
(931-796-0487) or
Marne' Price, Williamson Coordinator
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  1. The people decide the dispute for themselves.
  2. The people can resolve the dispute in almost any way they want, but the courts, however, generally onliy resolve the dispute by dismissing it or awarding money damages.
  3. There is evidence that people fulfill mediated agreements more willingly and promptly than they do when ordered by the court.
  4. Mediation protects relationships between the parties while they resolve their dispute.
  5. Mediation is private and what is said in mediation is confidential. If a case is decided in court, what is said is public.
  6. Mediation is informal and simple and so it is easy for most people to use.
  7. The people may be able to resolve the issue more quickly with the help of a fair witness (mediator), than if they have to wait for a court hearing.
  8. Mediation helps people with dispute resolution who cannot afford a lawyer.

* From the Knoxville Bar Association